Easy Video Suite: Is this the Best Software for Maketing Informative Online Videos?

Easy Video Suite is marketing software designed to make creating video content for the web fast and easy. One of the best strategies for creating quality content and attracting traffic on the internet is videos. Since the dawn of YouTube, and even before YouTube, people have been using the internet to view videos on just about anything. More recently there has been a massive emergence of informative and how-to videos. These videos can be extremely popular and they are a great way to build up quality web content for your sites. Simple informative videos can be created with software that records what is happening on your computer screen, or webcam, and also records your voice (or other audio) at the same time. Using this technique anyone can make basic how-to videos or creative video projects from home without any expensive equipment.


Easy Video Suite combines a bunch of tools and features together to create a platform for creating, organizing, and publishing your online video content. The software allows you to create screen recordings with custom features. You can set only a portion of the screen as the recording area, or the full screen. You can also record using a webcam, or import footage from another video camera. This software also provides you with video converting tools. You can customize the format and quality in one simple menu. There are also presets for smartphones and tablets, streaming formats, etc. It is well organized and easy to understand. This feature is definitely a time saver. Easy Video Suite allows you to automatically upload your videos to Amazon or YouTube through the software. All you have to do is input your login details into the program and it will remember them in the future, this will allow you to upload your content with a mouse click. Another handy feature is the embedded video tool. Easy Video Suite can generate web code for your videos automatically. All you have to do is paste the code into your webpage, or blog, and you’re done.

No software installation is required. Easy Video Suite functions as an online application; all you need to do to use the software is login to your account.There is unlimited video bandwidth. Mobile Application to create vids for smartphones included. Mac and PC compatible. 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Expensive. Easy Video Suite would definitely benefit from more video editing tools. Right now only basic editing is available.


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